Fairlawn K-12 School

Sidney, Ohio

Situated in rural Shelby County, the Fairlawn High School serves as the social and cultural center for this farming/residential community. Faced with maintaining two aging buildings on separate sites, the district constructed a new K-12 building on one site to serve the students and residents of the community.

A spacious media ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY604COST PER SQ FT$143.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized welcomes students and residents in the front of the K-12 complex. Known as the Fairlawn Jets, the "Tower" provides daylight to the media center of the building and is perceived as the center of the building and the community. A central administration office is strategically placed between the K-6 and 7-12 academic wings. The academic wings are connected via one main spacious hallway while maintaining an appropriate separation of grade levels.

The student activity section of the building includes a high school and middle school gym, a spacious student dining area with high-tech sound and lighting serving a multipurpose stage area, and two music rooms serving a K-12 student population. The student dining room is designed for flexibility.