Chelsea High School

Chelsea, Michigan

  • FIRM



    Chelsea School District

  • AREA

    265,000 sq.ft.





This new high school for 950 students showcases athletic and performing-arts facilities to meet school and community-use needs.

The two-story 221,500-square-foot facility features a multipurpose student commons, which also serves as the cafeteria. The space performs dual duty as the lobby for the auditorium, and gym during athletic and arts events. The administrative ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY950COST PER SQ FT$122.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio overlook the space, providing clear sightlines across the commons and down two corridors.

Opposite the cafeteria is the media center. It serves as a gateway to the academic wing and houses the building’s mainframe.

The academic wing is distinguished from the public areas of the building through physical distance and a dramatically curved wall—a design element that allows an abundance of natural light in the core spaces at the cafeteria/commons, as well as around all the classrooms.

Every two general classrooms share an office and conference space for staff, and can be configured for grade- or team-based teaching, as well as a departmental organization.

Classrooms also feature partition walls for maximum flexibility. Classrooms of special note include television production, health occupations and journalism/desktop publishing.

Photographer: ©Carr Cialdella Photography