College of Southern Idaho, Health Sciences and Human Services Building

Twin Falls, Idaho

  • FIRM

    CTA Architects Engineers


    Idaho Division of Public Works

  • AREA

    72,270 sq.ft.





The Health Sciences and Human Services Building is the first structure on the College of Southern Idaho’s 80-acre North Campus. This LEED gold facility has spaces dedicated for programs such as dental, EMT/paramedic, addiction studies, nursing (CNA, RN, LPN), medical assisting, radiologic technology, surgical technology and workforce education. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$284.50FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio spaces include eight general classrooms, three lecture halls, two computer rooms, simulation spaces and faculty offices.

The facility achieved 60 percent CO2 reduction based on 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) and meets the 2010 Initiative of the Architecture 2030 Challenge. This building exceeds ASHRAE 90.1_2004 requirements on energy use by a reduction of 55.4 percent; uses 100 percent non-potable water for irrigation; and reduces potable water use within the building by 34 percent.

The building is elongated and positioned on the site to expose the north and south elevations for maximum daylighting; controlling direct sun penetration while allowing indirect daylight penetration. The site was designed to efficiently enable future expansion and renovation to the building. Landscaping is designed as a community resource, featuring water-efficient plants conducive to the native, high-desert climate.