Carleton W. Washburne School

Winnetka, Illinois

  • FIRM



    Winnetka Public Schools District 36

  • AREA

    84,197 sq.ft.





The architect developed a multi-phase master plan to address Washburne middle school’s facility and curriculum challenges. This included reorganizing the building’s circulation, creating a secure entry, and improving athletic, musical instruction and science/lab spaces. The addition/renovation project, accomplished over three years without ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$178.15FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio to the school schedule, affected 70 percent of the school’s footprint.

A new three-station gym provides a much-needed all-school assembly area and physical-education space. Also included are new lockers rooms, cardio/kinetic room and dance studio.

The two original gyms were remodeled into new science laboratory/classrooms, as well as band/orchestra rooms. A second-story exterior terrace was enclosed, creating a new, larger administrative office space more centrally situated to the building floor plan. The new two-story glass atrium entrance ensures strict visitor management—thus improving building security—and links the school’s north and south wings for better internal circulation. Former administrative office space was recaptured as learning space, and the learning resource center’s entry was aligned with new circulation patterns.

Wildflowers now bloom on the school’s new green roofs.