Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College

Tempe, Arizona

  • FIRM

    ikon.5 architects


    Arizona State University

  • AREA

    715,528 sq.ft.





Organized in a network of interconnected courtyards, Barrett Honors College is a 1,721-bed, mixed-use student community that combines the best elements of the residence-life model of student housing with the university house model to create one of the most innovative academic settings in higher education—a small liberal-arts college amid a large ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMAmerican Campus CommunitiesCAPACITY1,721COST PER SQ FT$176.92FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio institution.

The campus includes a 20,000-square-foot dining center, 12 classrooms, office space, a computer lounge, fitness center and social lounges. In fostering a strong academic-residential community, administration and faculty offices are grouped with classrooms that transition toward community spaces and residences. A center courtyard features mature trees and an amphitheater. Five smaller courtyards serve as semi-secluded entries to the residences.

Each courtyard has a unique character suited to its location and purpose. The Palm Court, at the northwest, is the college entry and, outside the college boundary, it is given back to the campus for all to use. The colonnaded Academic Court, flanked by the faculty and college administration offices, is the most staid and traditional. The large, central College Court, the center of college activity, is defined by indoor and outdoor dining and student activities. The Public Court at the southeast corner is open to the public—a gift to the city at a point of public access to the campus.

The college provides for the specific social and intellectual needs of its residents. Freshmen and sophomores are housed in residence hall-style suites. Upperclassmen are offered greater independence in suite-style units, featuring single bedrooms adjoining shared baths and living areas.

Residents may choose a "green-living" option, featuring low-consumption plumbing fixtures, energy monitoring for individual rooms, recycled gray water and a green roof. The project achieved LEED gold certification.