North Mitchell County Elementary School

Baconton, Georgia

  • FIRM

    SRJ Architects Inc.


    Mitchell County School System

  • AREA

    73,733 sq.ft.





This new one-story elementary school was designed to accommodate 580 students. It includes a new physical-education facility, media center, kitchen/cafeteria, art and music suites, special-education classrooms, and pre-K to fifth-grade classrooms.

Creating a top-quality, energy-efficient learning environment was the main ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY580COST PER SQ FT$136.60FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio of the Mitchell County School System. This goal was accomplished primarily through the use of daylighting in all classrooms and major spaces. Computer modeling was used to optimize the amount of glazing needed to light each space. Electric lighting and HVAC loads were reduced greatly from those normally used in a classroom. This resulted in significant savings of first costs because of reduced lighting and reduced equipment size, and will continue to save the school system in operating costs in the future.

Bright, child-friendly colors and graphics were used as signage and enhance the learning experience. New furnishings also were incorporated to provide teachers flexibility while employing interactive learning techniques.