Henry J. Kaiser High School

Fontana, California

  • FIRM

    HMC Architects


    Fontana Unified School District

  • AREA

    265,000 sq.ft.





Named for the steel industry founder, Henry J. Kaiser High School addresses the implications of curricular restructuring theory by emphasizing the facility’s flexibility. The high school is designed to accommodate 2,200 students in 187,750 square feet.

A pedestrian promenade for students walking to school creates an axis that orients students to the campus’ ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,200COST PER SQ FT$170.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio and terminates at a central tower. The campus is arranged radially around the tower and provides a visual reference for the entire campus.

The monumental scale and massing of the community joint-use facility, which houses the central administration, library/resource center and gymnasium indicates the civic nature of the school. The structure acts as a barrier between the public and the remainder of the campus, allowing convenient weekend and evening access to these facilities, while providing a means of securing the rest of the campus during non-school hours.

Core curricular clusters radiate away from the tower, forming the edge of the central open space and a series of smaller courtyards. Each cluster provides general classrooms, science laboratories, satellite administration, counseling and computer labs. Specialized career-preparation academies are adjacent to these core curricular clusters. Each academy is composed of specialized labs and classrooms that focus on particular career disciplines.

Photographer: ©Fred Daly