United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), Bailes Center

Orlando, Florida

Working with researchers from the University of Central Florida, the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Bailes Center will serve 360 children from infancy through third grade in an environment that emphasizes inclusion—helping all students get the most out of learning, whether they’re gifted, have special needs or are just ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY360COST PER SQ FT$175.00CITATIONPre-K/Early-Childhood Education CitationFEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio learners.

UCP is different from other buildings for students with special needs. The building is designed with a team-teaching philosophy that every child can learn. "Even a child that’s gifted will get challenged. And it will also have an element that I think we’re missing in our society—caring about each other, empathy, learning to respect others," says Ilene Wilkins, UCP’s president and CEO.

To reinforce this sense of caring, the center of this building is the "gallery" area that is a two- story light-reflecting space. Natural light and providing a sustainable green environment are the cornerstones of this building. Classrooms are organized in teams of two with shared planning areas. Interactive flatscreen monitors with touchscreen panels are in all classrooms to provide immersive sensory learning environment.