Hudson Junior High School

Hudson, New York

Hudson Junior High School was designed as an addition to the existing senior high school to house students displaced as a result of districtwide grade realignments.

The primary programmatic goal of the design was to create a facility that is physically attached to the existing school building, yet provides complete separation ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY340COST PER SQ FT$250.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio the junior and senior high school students.

The self-contained addition, consisting of two educational wings, a gymnasium, kitchen and cafeteria, is organized about a central atrium. Shared and administrative spaces are situated on the first floor, and the second floor houses classrooms. The atrium is flooded with daylight, and doubles as an art gallery and student gathering space.

Providing the school complex with a unified, contemporary identity along the street front was a secondary goal. The addition envelops the original building’s 1970s architecture and invites entry by way of three glass towers. The junior high school and the senior high school entrance towers are separated by the public event entry.

Community spaces provide a buffer zone between the two schools, and can be isolated for evening and weekend use.