Marquette Early Child Development Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    Cyntergy AEC


    Parish of christ the King

  • AREA

    20,862 sq.ft.





Interwoven into the existing 85-year-old campus, the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) at Christ The King Parish in Tulsa, Okla., blends gracefully into the context. Through the careful study of the art deco architectural details of the original Francis Barry Byrne design for the sanctuary, the meticulous detailing of the new ECDC provides a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY120COST PER SQ FT$201.33FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio transition from old to new.

One of the primary goals of the ECDC was to create a fun space that toddlers could relate to within the large, formal design of the exterior. This was accomplished by creating a "streetscape" theme within the halls of the school, consisting of classroom windows with flower boxes, awnings and bright colors identifying each "house" as a separate space within the school. The "street" connects and continues out to the new playground’s tricycle track that loops around the large play structure, sandbox and splashpad play area.

The facility includes four classrooms, a large activity room, a full-size gymnasium and a trophy display lobby.