Zionsville Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center

Zionsville, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Fanning Howey


    Zionsville Community Schools

  • AREA

    12,164 sq.ft.





The Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center at Zionsville High School is a unique learning space that provides students with an outlet to explore new and creative ideas in an open classroom environment.

School leaders worked with designers to transform 12,164 square feet of warehouse space into an open layout. Plenty of windows ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY150COST PER SQ FT$131.70FEATURED IN2010 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation unique skylights are perfect for students to study and learn without the constraints of a typical classroom. Students can be found working together in groups on the carpeted floor, sitting on comfortable chairs typing on laptops, or studying alone at desks scattered throughout the fully wireless center.

Teachers’ desks and work areas are situated along the center’s side walls, which provide the instructor a view of the entire space. Often, students can be found sitting at a teacher’s desk either getting help on an assignment or having a one-on-one class.

The center also is equipped with different-shaped acoustical clouds suspended from the ceiling to absorb the myriad of sounds. A traditional classroom is partitioned off from the rest of the space to accommodate more focused instructional activities.