Rutgers University, Newark Business School

Newark, New Jersey

  • FIRM

    NK Architects


    Rutgers University

  • AREA

    184,670 sq.ft.





The adaptive reuse of an existing office tower into a new business school for this urban university presents a major opportunity to catalyze further development in Newark. It also will forge a new identity for a business school that is transforming itself into a world-leading institution.

The project consolidates the educational ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$207.92CITATIONPost-Secondary CitationFEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio support functions that had been contained in four buildings on the existing campus and further integrates the school’s campus into the downtown fabric. The project establishes a northern gateway to the university district, helps build a bridge between "town and gown," and prominently demonstrates the university’s commitment to the surrounding neighborhood. Situated in a historic district and adjacent to the Newark Public Library, the building strives to re-establish the vitality of the urban street wall previously eroded by the past development of the existing office tower.

The glass-encased pavilion opens out onto Broad Street and toward Washington Park. Most important, this new pavilion serves as the new front door of the business school. The design resolves the contradictory programmatic requirements of providing large lecture hall spaces (which function best without windows), while still enabling the school to have an open and inviting presence in its new surroundings. The faceted mosaic form set behind the ultra-clear glass curtainwall defines the enclosure of the lecture halls within and serves as urban sculpture. The interstitial space between the glass enclosure and lecture halls functions as the "living room" of the new business school.

The atrium and grand stair unite upper-floor program functions such as classrooms, lounges and a terrace/green roof on top of the pavilion. The location of the most publicly accessed elements of the business school are on the ground floor and include a cafe, admissions and the trading room simulator to help create an inviting and active streetscape.

"The variety in the large space and design sets the commercial tone for success. Well-done!"--2010 jury