Kansas City Unified School District 500, Early Childhood Center

Kansas City, Kansas

  • FIRM

    ACI Boland Architects


    Kansas City Unified School District 500

  • AREA

    45,376 sq.ft.





This new building for the Kansas City (Kan.) School District replaces an existing outdated facility within an old shopping mall that was to be demolished.

The challenge was to design an innovative facility that not only responded to the educational needs of preschool students, but also provided a fun, "kid-friendly" ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$165.90FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio that encouraged children to be excited about the upcoming experience of the learning process.

The building is on a site that provides for separation of bus loading and unloading and parent dropoff spaces, as well as parking for staff and school activities. Materials for the building were selected for durability and low maintenance.

The building incorporates natural lighting throughout; all classroom areas have exposure to the exterior. The building has an interior courtyard/playground for the safety and security of the children.

Wayfinding throughout the building is provided with a straightforward corridor design, and colorful entrances with alphabet signage to identify classrooms, multipurpose room and other student areas. All classrooms are provided with offices for instructors, storage rooms and toilet facilities.