Calvin College, Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex is a multi-use, multipurpose facility designed for daily activity centers where students and staff can develop and practice healthful habits, and take advantage of premier Division III performance venues.

Adding a 5,000-seat arena, Olympic-size pool, two weight and fitness centers, and tennis and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY11,971COST PER SQ FT$145.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio facility—while renovating the former physical-education building into a state-of-the-art academic suite with campus health services, dance studio and human-performance lab—proved challenging on a compact site. Fulfilling a desire to create a campus social node, while respecting an existing woodlot, the design grew out of creating dialogues between interior and exterior, public and recreation spaces, and juxtaposing the beauty of human movement with the celebration of nature.

Large public spaces, intended for daily student gathering and learning, mingle with recreational activities, such as a 40-foot climbing wall, to connect the larger activity spaces. These surround a core of departmental offices, continually reinforcing the synergy among public, academic and recreational spaces.