Locust Grove Elementary School

Crestwood, Kentucky


This 700-student elementary school is a bi-level plan with a gym, stage, kitchen and cafetorium on the lower level, and the media center, administration and classrooms on the main level. Insulated concrete forms were used for exterior bearing walls. This facility is an ENERGY STAR facility with a score of 99 out of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY700COST PER SQ FT$198.11FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio points.

Geothermal water-source heat pumps in the mezzanine enable service access without affecting the classrooms. Heat pumps are two-stage units for higher efficiency at part-load operating conditions. Water circulates using distributed pumping with a water pump at each heat pump. Heat-recovery systems are utilized for outside air ventilation. Web-based digital temperature-control systems conserve energy and minimize runtime.

Lighting systems are designed for an overall average of 1 watt psf. Most of the interior spaces have occupancy sensors, and others are connected to a central lighting control. Site lighting utilizes photocell technology. A power-distribution system provides segregated surge-suppressed power to computer outlets. Digital CCTV cameras and an intrusion-detection system provide building and occupancy safety with remote monitoring capabilities.