University Hospitals Healthy System, Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, New NICU

Cleveland, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Parkin Architects Limited


    Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

  • AREA

    30,888 sq.ft.





The Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit (NICU) is associated with the medical education program of Case Western Reserve University. Teaching space providing access to patients, confidential space for rounds and review of digital information were essential to the educational component of the NICU. Glazed clinical work areas shared between two pods in central ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMArray Health Facilities SolutionsCOST PER SQ FT$518.00CITATIONBronze CitationFEATURED IN2010 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYHealthcare Facilities/Teaching Hospitals provide individual work spaces and meeting space.

Two of the unusual problems with this project were the construction of a new bridge suspended between two buildings to provide direct access to the NICU from the hospital entrance, and construction of an elevator above a popular kiosk in the hospital atrium connecting the birthing facility on level two to the NICU on level four.

New mechanical systems with appropriate filtered air were contrasted within existing mechanical rooms, and new ductwork was threaded through existing areas while maintaining operations. The NICU had to meet the standards of the Consensus Committee for Newborn Intensive Care Design, in addition to The Joint Commission and State of Ohio requirements.

"The unit is warm and comfortable with human scale. It is filled with well-thought-out, excellent details, and effective use of colors and materials. A well-executed project."--2010 jury