Indiana University, Simon Hall

Bloomington, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Flad Architects


    Indiana University

  • AREA

    140,412 sq.ft.





Designed to facilitate interdisciplinary study of the sciences, Simon Hall is a state-of-the-art research facility situated in the heart of Indiana University’s Old Crescent. A union of traditional exterior design and progressive interior function, the structure succeeds in delivering the desired program while blending seamlessly into the university’s ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$332.00 culture.

As an intellectual and physical intersection of the sciences, Simon Hall was purposefully sited in a historically sensitive area of campus, creating challenges that were solved through design. Of particular importance was maintaining the abundant green space the campus is known for, as well as echoing the size and collegiate Gothic character of the surrounding buildings. In response, 65,000 square feet of laboratory space are housed below grade, maximizing grassy open space above. The exterior is constructed of locally quarried limestone, and masterfully carved to reflect details of both the neighboring structures and the research occurring within.

Each floor contains a mixture of laboratories with flexible configurations adaptable for specific customization, accommodating a variety of research uses. A comfortable, inspiring and collaborative space, Simon Hall features a rustic outdoor terrace and several balconies with beautiful views of campus and strategically placed impromptu meeting spaces for spontaneous exchange of ideas.