Cleveland State University, Main Classroom Building Renovation, Student Services Plaza

Cleveland, Ohio

  • FIRM

    CBLH Design


    Cleveland State University

  • AREA

    185,000 sq.ft.





Cleveland State University is strengthening its connection to the community by providing an environment that promotes learning, creates social opportunities and defines the urban context.

The main classroom building, situated at the center of the campus, is a key example. The plaza level of the building, built in the 1970s, was ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,500COST PER SQ FT$132.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation to the harsh elements of northern Ohio. This cavernous space was dark, cold and a security risk. It now is an enclosed floor housing student-services departments, computer labs, dining, auditorium, conferencing and lounges. Multiple entrance points to the building, including a new north stair and elevator tower, have made this building a pedestrian hub within the campus.

The spirit of the project has become the four-story atrium/rotunda where students, faculty and visitors circulate not only on the plaza level, but also between floors on a hanging monumental stair that focuses on the skyline of the city of Cleveland. The atrium’s design is a three-dimensional interpretation of the whimsical two-dimensional student center plaza that it fronts.