Virginia Military Institute, 3rd Barracks

Lexington, Virginia

  • FIRM

    Clark Nexsen, PC


    Virginia Military Institute

  • AREA

    132,000 sq.ft.





Designed by Alexander Jackson Davis, constructed in 1857, and later expanded in 1949, Barracks has been the historical heart of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) from its inception. To accommodate the growth of the oldest state military college in the United States, the architect designed a significant addition to meet the evolving needs of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY424COST PER SQ FT$212.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation as it looks to expand enrollment to 1,500 cadets.

The 132,000-square-foot expansion, currently identified as 3rd Barracks, includes capacity for 424 beds among 123 cadet rooms and has helped to eliminate the crowding of the existing Barracks complex. To make way for the expansion of Barracks, Lejeune Hall, the existing student center, was demolished. The 3rd Barracks includes program areas that were included in the original building. Integral to the 3rd Barracks addition is the new Lejeune Hall, which includes a visitor’s center, the VMI Bookstore, the Commons food court and support spaces.

The existing Barracks complex is designated a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Historic Register. The 3rd Barracks was designed in a manner to complement the Gothic detailing of the existing structure. The design team’s approach to this project was to create an iconic presence on Parade Ground while complementing the historic facility. The team worked closely with the VMI Post Historian and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to ensure the 3rd Barracks accurately reflected the vernacular established more than 150 years ago.