St. Xavier University, Agatha O'Brien Hall

Orland Park, Illinois

The Agatha O’Brien residence hall at St. Xavier’s campus is the fourth phase of a campus master plan the architect has been working on with the university over 10 years. The 27-unit residence hall features apartment-style accommodations and was built to LEED gold standards. It is situated in the heart of campus and sits adjacent to Rubloff Hall, which ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY107COST PER SQ FT$256.79FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio the first university building in Illinois to receive LEED gold certification.

The project was designed using both natural and mechanical ventilation; a 50-foot-high circular glass stair tower draws tempered air to assist in summer night pre-cooling and winter heating. O’Brien uses 100 percent "green-e" power from mixed renewable-energy products to offset carbon emissions from all electrical energy consumed in the residence. The roof features a solar reflection system; the rain garden filters roof-water runoff; and the indoor air quality in the student rooms is significantly above ASHRAE standards.