Phoenix College, Fine Arts Building

Phoenix, Arizona

  • FIRM

    DLR Group


    Phoenix College

  • AREA

    28,000 sq.ft.





The Phoenix College motto is "Go far, close to home." With this in mind, the new fine-arts building creates educational and social settings that go beyond traditional community college classrooms. The ideas of extension and interaction define the architecture and programming of the fine-arts building, providing opportunities for engagement that transcend ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY290COST PER SQ FT$205.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio physical enclosure of the building.

The building houses photography, graphic arts and media arts, arranged strategically to foster interaction and interdependence between programs. Traditional painting and computer graphics coexist harmoniously with only a movable partition between them.

Shaped by the building’s form, the ground-level courtyard creates a welcoming entry to the auditorium and on-grade ceramics rooms with exterior kilns. A monumental stair to the second floor encourages student interaction, and the adjacent art gallery provides an opportunity for the public to view student work and chat with emerging artists. The gallery and rooftop terrace were designed to accommodate international art exhibits and larger public events as well.

The surrounding desert environment is dynamic, changing from day to night. The rooftop terrace offers a contemplative setting in which students can watch the Phoenix skyline emerge above the Valley of the Sun.