Cedarville University, Center for Biblical and Theological Studies

Cedarville, Ohio

  • FIRM



    Cedarville University

  • AREA

    60,000 sq.ft.





Cedarville University needed a home for its curriculum’s core study area: biblical and theological studies. This 60,000-square-foot facility was designed as a physical representation of this theological core.

The facility’s placement alongside a previously underused lake in the center of Cedarville’s campus ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY833COST PER SQ FT$192.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio a variety of exterior public spaces (paths, plazas, quads, seating areas) that foster interaction and collaboration among students and faculty.

To reinforce a desired biblical message of being "the light of the world," elements celebrating natural light, such as clerestory lighting, roof monitors, a pseudo-stained glass curtainwall, etched glass panels with scripture quotes, and tall light-filled spaces, were incorporated in the building design.

Internally, the building provides a diversity of informal and formal gathering spaces, classrooms, and theaters for students and faculty to come together and share ideas.

The facility was intended to inspire and cultivate the students of today. The building strongly delivers on its promise to make the old new again, breathing a fresh, contemporary life into the ancient theological studies it preserves within.