Green Tech High Charter School

Albany, New York

Green Tech High Charter School is an all-male school that provides a high-quality, college-preparatory education in a safe, small-school setting. The school offers an extended school day, a longer school year, extensive literacy instruction, and programs that emphasize environmental awareness and technological proficiency.

The architect designed ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY350COST PER SQ FT$182.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio building as a healthful and productive place to learn and teach by providing a safe and secure environment with superior indoor air quality, thermal comfort, excellent acoustics, extensive daylighting and views. Building orientation enabled the use of oversized windows with sunscreens for daylighting and light control. Systems and materials were selected that were renewable, locally available and durable so that the facility can be maintained and operated easily.

The orientation of the building, high-performance lighting and mechanical systems, and the responsible use of water and energy make Green Tech High Charter School an enjoyable and sustainable place for learning.