Clear Creek High School Rebuild

League City, Texas

  • FIRM



    Clear Creek Independent School District

  • AREA

    234,000 sq.ft.





Clear Creek High School (CCHS) needed an "extreme makeover" that preserved its historical elements. Built in 1965, CCHS was not intended to hold more than 3,000 students and fell dramatically behind current educational standards over the past 40 years. Several design challenges were incurred during the project. Students attended class while 70 percent of the campus was ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,500COST PER SQ FT$147.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio and rebuilt. A central plant was built to operate existing and future facilities. The new plan had to accommodate the existing cafeteria and library.

Other challenges included limited site access, no contractor staging area, working around the T-building campus and expanding the parking lot. The design combines new and existing facilities into 234,000 square feet of additions and renovations. All project brick matches existing conditions, and the main entrance has been re-situated to a more prominent side of the campus. Interior corridors were widened and reconfigured into linear pathways. The campus’ "sacred" courtyards were salvaged. All learning spaces were updated with improved natural lighting.

This revitalized high school now serves as a catalyst for student achievement for years to come.