Southeastern CUSD #337, New High School

Augusta, Illinois

Southeastern High School suffered a devastating fire that destroyed 24,000 square feet of its 43,000-square-foot campus. With the combination of an insurance settlement and state emergency grant, the rural school district was in a position to take a fresh look at its academic mission.

A primary goal of bringing a high level of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$159.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio technologies into classrooms was accomplished through extensive raceways of data and communication cabling, Internet routers and interactive markerboards. Another goal was to provide a flexible plan, because a consolidation with another school district is a possibility in the next 10 years. This was achieved with a two-story classroom addition that used solid masonry bearing walls at exterior and corridor walls, but with light-gauge metal walls dividing the classrooms.

The radiused curtainwall, fanned eave and silver wing-wall at the building entrance create an architectural language that reflects the educational technologies inside. Although the facility is a small rural school, the architecture reflects a desire to be as technologically connected as any large suburban school.