Southeast Bulloch High School

Brooklet, Georgia

The two-story octagonal entry tower of Southeast Bulloch High School emerges from a pastoral setting to seize attention and proudly announce its presence. The commanding facade is achieved through rhythmically spaced vertical piers across the front elevation from the gym on one side to the elongated dropoff canopy on the other and linked at the core by the predominant ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,200COST PER SQ FT$100.31FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio pavilion. The modified pinwheel footprint was shoehorned on the location because of the still-present obstacle of the old high school on site. 

The interior highlights brickwork that is illuminated from the exterior and clerestory lighting. At the center hub of the commons, the entry to the cafeteria features a substantial curved soffit. The cafeteria has floor-to-ceiling windows accented with brick walls and coffering. The gymnasium overflows with natural light and highlights an expansive weightroom occupying the mezzanine level overlooking the athletic floor.