Rogers Heritage High School

Rogers, Arkansas

  • FIRM

    Hight Jackson Associates


    Rogers School District

  • AREA

    338,000 sq.ft.





This former high school, being used as a 10th-grade center, was chosen as the site for a second high school to accommodate student population growth. The architect’s challenge for the expanded high school was that it be "equitable" with the city’s existing high school in appearance, size and opportunities ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,500COST PER SQ FT$117.50FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio learning.

The campus consisted of several separate buildings on different levels connected by covered walkways. Providing interior connections between retained buildings, while creating new spaces to present a unified appearance, was a daunting challenge. Maximizing natural lighting was achieved in part through use of curved, multi-story glass walls leading into terraced courtyards. "Equity" in appearance to the existing high school was achieved through use of modern, colorful construction materials surrounding existing spaces on three sides.

The new Rogers Heritage High School speaks boldly of the past and embraces the excitement of the future for the student body. In addition, the continued use of this site has preserved an important part of history for this community.