Fox Lane High School

Bedford, New York

  • FIRM

    Geddis Architects


    Bedford Central School District

  • AREA

    236,200 sq.ft.





Fox Lane High School was created in 1956 as a multi-town, innovative enterprise on a 50-acre rocky hilltop. Over five decades, its many wings of combined middle and high school, science and art evolved into a 1,500-student high school where the many "wings" needed a thorough second look.

The amalgam of administrative, middle school, high school ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,500COST PER SQ FT$300.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio fields offered poor vehicular access, and the space provided inadequate separation of recreation, pedestrians, buses and cars.

The high school was reconceived, re-utilizing 145,000 square feet and building 81,200 square feet around a new north-south axis with clerestory light with two entrances; a commons; reconstructed science, renovated music and art, and 35 new general-use, properly sized high school classrooms; three computer rooms; a new electronic music room; a new orchestra room; and a new technical drawing studio. Solar orientation and sun shading were fundamental to the design inside and out. Expanding a small, pre-existing commons and making it a pivot point was part of the plan.

The result is a forward-looking, coherent and striking three-story general classroom hub around a south-facing atrium linking all spaces to a one-story, sloped metal roofed north interior, along a skylighted street. With the majority of the undersized one-story concrete block classroom wings of the 1956 footprint demolished, all teaching spaces now have ample space, natural light and technology. The revised hilltop plateau has a new second front door onto the adjacent roadway.