City of Hialeah Educational Academy High School

Hialeah, Florida

  • FIRM

    Civica, LLC


    City of Hialeah

  • AREA

    22,000 sq.ft.





The City of Hialeah Educational Academy is a charter high school situated on the northwest corner of Slade Park in the city of Hialeah, Fla. The school is designed for 230 students in the initial phase of construction, and ultimately will accommodate more than 600 student stations upon completion of subsequent phases. The school has eight regular classrooms, a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY230COST PER SQ FT$136.36FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio lab, multipurpose space, kitchen and administrative areas.

The school is on the grounds of a public park, adjacent to the city’s fire college, police substation and e-library. The school’s educational focus on first responders and criminal justice makes its proximity to those institutions a valuable component of the overall academic experience.

The two-story building is in a predominantly single- and multi-family residential neighborhood. The architectural character of the building is consistent in scale and aesthetic with its surroundings while preserving the characteristics of a civic institution.

A two-story entry portico addresses the site’s main corner and provides the first of a series of spatial sequences through the ground floor of the building. These spaces ultimately lead to the multi-use space/

cafeteria, which opens onto an outdoor paved courtyard that provides additional lunch areas. The courtyard also serves as the school’s social center.