Woodward Academy, Math and Science Building

College Park, Georgia

  • FIRM

    Perkins and Will


    Woodward Academy

  • AREA

    43,000 sq.ft.





The new science and math building for Woodward Academy’s Upper School campus sits at the end of a redeveloped quadrangle linking the science building with the other Upper School classroom building and a renovated, expanded student activities athletic center.

The curved facade along the north side of the building defines a pathway through the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,000COST PER SQ FT$260.00CITATIONHigh School CitationFEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio School quadrangle from the school’s front door and administrative offices to the Lower School at the far end of Woodward’s College Park property.

Rooms in the existing science building were remodeled and expanded into lecture lab classrooms. Math department classrooms and a large shared lecture room for campuswide use are included in the new facility.

This is a LEED gold-certified building. The classrooms face north and south to minimize heat gain. All the instructional spaces have natural light. Bioswales capture the rain runoff and clean the water before returning it to the local Flint River basin.

Recycled and locally harvested, produced and transported materials, such as steel, concrete and brick, are the dominant building materials.