Stallings Island Middle School

Martinez, Georgia

The heart of east central Georgia provides the unexpected setting for a school that evokes both the appearance and ambience of an idyllic mountain top lodge. The rustic elegance of Stallings Island Middle School in Columbia County, Ga., conjures images of chalets and snow-capped peaks even while enduring the heat of a steamy ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$121.72FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio summer. 

Canted columns crafted of brick and subtly motted native fieldstone create exterior porches that mirror the monumental columns of the entry pavilion, providing design continuity and aid in the intended mood of the two-story school. The painted vertical metal siding, which imitates the look of wood, and embellishment of paired brackets at the eaves bestow the finishing touches on this eye-catching and surprising facade.

The interior color palette is composed of cool greens and blues. Classrooms are organized by grade level. Sixth-grade, administration, the gymnasium and cafetorium are situated on the first floor, and seventh- and eighth-grade, along with the media center, are on the second floor.