Farmersville Intermediate School

Farmersville, Texas

  • FIRM

    WRA Architects


    Farmersville Independent School District

  • AREA

    83,500 sq.ft.






An on-site replacement school was being planned when a tornado destroyed the gym of the existing school. The district and architect quickly divided the new project into phases to meet the most urgent needs.

First, a covered play area was erected for immediate use while a replacement gym was designed and constructed. In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY675COST PER SQ FT$125.09FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio plan, the new gym already was easily accessible to the existing school, so it was built next and used while the rest of the new school was being designed and constructed.

The new school was positioned on the site in a way to minimize disruption to the existing school, which remained in session throughout construction. Finally, demolition of the old school allowed for the new parking lot.

The new school features distinctive masonry patterns and standing-seam metal roofing. Large gathering spaces are designed with adjacent monitoring areas to facilitate supervision. The cafetorium, library and gymnasium all are available for after-hours community use.

The new school has fiber optics, ceiling-mounted digital projectors, wireless Internet access, and a multi-faceted security system with cameras and controlled access points.