Corbin Primary School

Corbin, Kentucky


Technology and design motifs are not the only items setting Corbin Primary apart from other elementary schools—the school’s layout is unique and is the result of a collaborative design process among the architect and teachers. The result creates three different school environments.

An old-time railroad clock and a ceiling that ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$167.89FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio the bygone railroad depot greet students, teachers and staff. The railroad motif continues throughout the building. The old-time look is a celebration of the area’s cultural and historical heritage, yet tucked into each room is the latest in technology.

The "heartbeat" of the school is the railroad-themed media center. Visitors are greeted by a water tower bearing Corbin’s name. Each corner of the room has a workspace for students—storytelling, creation, presentations and traditional library space.

Branching off from the media center are the school’s three "learning families." Each learning family has a common area with computers and three classrooms, one for each grade level. The pod structure eliminates the empty, lifeless hallways of schools past and creates a "home" atmosphere for students. It’s also better for security reasons because each learning family can be locked down in case of emergency.