Rock Creek Elementary School

Rock Creek, Ohio

The new Rock Creek Elementary is on a property adjoining the original 1869 Colonial Georgian-style school. Through multiple community meetings, a consensus was formed to use a Colonial Georgian design to mimic some of the architectural details of the 1869 structure.

Designs for a grand portico ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$154.80FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio and 18-foot-tall cupola on the roof ridge delighted the district and local community. The location of the new school and access to the original were important because it was unclear initially whether the village of Rock Creek would retain the original building.

The mission of Rock Creek Elementary is "to work together to create a safe, positive learning environment where all students can be successful." In order to serve the district’s needs, a one-story design was selected for the K-6 school.

The school accommodates 450 students with separate grade-level wings. Three classrooms per grade level with an accent color on the instructional/learning wall draw attention to the front of the classroom, enhancing the learning experience for young students.