Jefferson Elementary School

Jefferson, Ohio


The Village of Jefferson is in Ashtabula County in northeastern Ohio in a community known as the "Philadelphia of the West." Founded in 1803 by a U.S. Postmaster during Thomas Jefferson’s administration, the early plans of Jefferson, Ohio, were based upon Georgian Architecture styles. Jefferson Elementary School features a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY659COST PER SQ FT$139.87FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio clock tower main entrance piece to capture and reflect the rich architectural history of the community.

Jefferson Elementary is a K-6 school that accommodates 659 students with four sections per grade level. The school site was carved out of an existing 25-acre delineated wooded wetland site. A two-story building design was used to minimize the size of the building footprint, which lessened the area of disturbance to the precious wetlands to less than a half-acre. Maintaining the pristine character of the site was a priority of the school board, and creates unique children’s environmental educational opportunities.

The age-sensitive design places the younger children on the lower level and the older children on the upper level.