Hillside Elementary School (New Richmond, Wis.)

New Richmond, Wisconsin

Designed for green construction, Hillside Elementary School incorporates many elements of sustainable architecture. The architect and the School District of New Richmond worked together to set and evaluate energy-performance goals for the new school, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint for the new facility.

Some of these sustainable features ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMClark EngineeringCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$159.12FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio elements:

•Protecting the downstream wetlands during construction.

•Capturing runoff in temporary holding basins with a "treatment train" that provides clean water runoff as it enters the city and county stormwater-management system.

•Using integrally colored concrete floor slabs that were ground and highly polished to serve as finish flooring in the classrooms and corridors.

•Installing durable and low-maintenance surfaces that require minimal use of cleaning agents.

•Incorporating water-saving features such as low-flow water-saver faucets and dual-level flush-valve toilets.

•Minimizing energy consumption with automated lighting, occupancy sensors, variable-air-volume systems and use of daylight throughout the facility.

•Installing high-energy insulated windows that reduce heating and cool costs.

Sustainable qualities, timeless design and efficiency make Hillside Elementary School a source of community pride.