Century College, Science and Library Building

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  • FIRM

    DLR Group


    Century College

  • AREA

    73,930 sq.ft.





The new mantra for Century College is “learning-centered community,” and the Science and Library Building embodies this mission. The first new campus structure in 17 years, the Science and Library Building was designed to be a hub for academic and community engagement. Built-in window seats, a fireplace, coffee shop and alumni hall combine to create a relaxed and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$235.00FEATURED IN2009 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers environment for students and faculty to lounge, study or quietly socialize.

The Science and Library Building was situated strategically at the end of a skybridge that joins the East and West campuses. The result is increased foot traffic through social learning areas that encourage student, faculty and staff interaction. Housing 5,000 lineal feet of bookshelves, nine science labs and five science classrooms, the new building combines the West and East Campus libraries, and consolidates science instructional areas into one central location. The building is built to exceed state energy-efficiency standards by 30 percent and features a glass southern elevation that electronically shades to reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer.