Snowline Joint Unified School District, Central Services Complex

Phelan, California

  • FIRM

    PCH Architects, LLP


    Snowline Joint Unified School District

  • AREA

    53,643 sq.ft.





In an effort to promote district efficiency, Snowline Joint Unified School District plans to consolidate its business, printing, food-service and warehouse operations to one centralized location, while promoting environmentally conscious design through LEED principles.

The site is in a hot, arid desert community with high diurnal temperature swings, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$149.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress rain, flash-flood conditions and restrictive environmental standards for protecting indigenous plant and animal life.

The undeveloped 26-acre sloping site is stepped to minimize grading, reduce the scale of larger buildings, and provide increased visual control. Water conservation is achieved by diverting stormwater runoff from the street and central courtyard to an on-site bio-swale and tree-wells. Surplus runoff is permitted to flow at a controlled rate to the environmentally sensitive arroyo beyond the site.

The main warehouse/kitchen building is constructed with 8-inch-thick concrete walls to help moderate extreme temperature conditions. Filtered daylighting is provided to all occupied spaces. Cool roofs, low-emission-VOC materials, infrastructure for future photovoltaic panels on the large warehouse roof, and high-efficiency mechanical systems combine to complete the total sustainable solution.