Hazelwood East Middle School, Conversion Phase I and II

St. Louis, Missouri

  • FIRM

    TR,i Architects, Inc.


    Hazelwood School District

  • AREA

    134,421 sq.ft.





This project’s philosophy: Eliminate outdated green tile throughout the school; brighten the dark, lifeless corridors; bring outdated learning spaces into the 21st century; and restore stimulation of students in dynamic libraries. Revival of school pride and identity can happen to aging facilities, and schools can be transformed.

The story is familiar; the solution ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$20.13FEATURED IN2008 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation unique.

Built and expanded over decades, this school has had many faces. Originally built as a high school, it was expanded to include a junior high. As the population grew, the high school was moved, and the entire facility served junior high education only. Over time, the junior high began to operate as a middle school. Ultimately, the middle school ran within a departmentalized high school. Functionally, it needed total reorganization.

Each expansion was completed with incongruent materials. Colors and image were not consistent. Quality and finishes were mismatched. Orientation was confusing. It truly was a calico-appearing school.

Classrooms were updated and organized into houses. Through creative application of uniform, durable finish materials with contemporary flair, identity and pride were restored, and a true middle school conversion occurred.