Montgomery County Community College, Advanced Technology Center

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    STV Architects


    Montgomery County Community College

  • AREA

    62,300 sq.ft.





To accommodate the fast-paced technical needs of its growing student population, Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) commissioned the architect to design its Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Situated in Blue Bell, Pa., the new 62,300-square-foot structure includes high-speed, wireless Internet access throughout the building. The new facility provides much-needed ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$244.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio for five divisions of the college, including math/science/advanced technologies, business/computer science and communications. The ATC provides a collaborative learning environment where the humanities and the sciences are brought together to promote an interdisciplinary approach to education.

The design of the ATC integrates advanced technology with dramatic architecture for a modern lounge/academic environment. The showcase element of the building is the dynamic three-story atrium that serves as both an entryway and cafe. It also features a video wall and a “cybertower” with integrated public-use computer stations on each floor. The facility is decorated in a rich combination of earth-toned brick, contrasting with the machine-like precision of smooth metal panels. Intense colors add to the visual excitement of the interior spaces.

Interior materials include extensive use of perforated, stainless-steel panels, stretched fabrics, glass and exposed mechanical system components.