Lasell College, Rockwell Residence Hall

Newton, Massachusetts

Rockwell Residence Hall provides Lasell College with much-needed additional housing for its growing undergraduate population. Situated against a backdrop of natural vegetation abutting a historic Victorian neighborhood and adjacent to an existing athletics field, Rockwell responds to the distinct needs of students, faculty, visitors and neighbors.

Students ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY148COST PER SQ FT$220.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio a welcoming home in this efficient, sustainable and durable building, with comfortable bedrooms and open lounges overlooking the fields through floor-to-ceiling curtainwall windows. Faculty and administrators access the rooftop terrace to enjoy bird’s-eye views of the games. The design team worked collaboratively with neighborhood and historical groups, resulting in a smooth and efficient approval process.

The complex site determined Rockwell’s lengthy horizontal massing, but the design team turned challenges into aesthetic and functional solutions. A playful variety of exterior finishes and details articulates a dynamic facade that reflects the architectural language of the college and its surrounding neighborhood. Curtainwalls and operable windows maximize natural lighting and ventilation; overhangs and glazing reduce solar gain to minimize energy needs. Exterior landscaping and natural greenery limit views of the building from outside the campus, ensuring maximum privacy for students and Lasell’s residential neighbors.