Schoolcraft College, Biomedical Technology Center

Livonia, Michigan

  • FIRM



    Schoolcraft College

  • AREA

    48,500 sq.ft.





The Biomedical Technology Center (BTC) merges the mathematics and science programs of Schoolcraft College into a single facility. The technologically rich, interactive learning environment offers a variety of learning methods and styles. Spaces provide for individual study, random and informal learning, and interactive project and group work.

The heart of the center ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$262.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio the Learning Theater, a fully integrated, multimedia environment equipped with multiple projection, smart-board technology and integral classrooms. The Learning Theater provides the BTC with a flexible learning and community space—a town square.

The building is designed for flexibility, allowing for immediate reconfiguration. The design can be adapted as technology and teaching methods evolve. Technology and the built environment are seamless; wireless capability, plug-and-play monitors, projection, data capture and retrieval systems, and digital art allow for immediate use in a user-friendly environment. Classrooms are integrated for collaborative and project-based learning.

The building also houses a large faculty space designed to facilitate collaboration among faculty, staff and students.