University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, Dreyfus University Center Addition and Remodeling

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    SDS Architects Inc.


    State of Wisconsin—Division of State Facilities; University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point

  • AREA

    184,000 sq.ft.





Named for Lee Sherman Dreyfus, former University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point chancellor and 40th governor of Wisconsin, the Dreyfus University Center project expanded and renovated a building constructed 50 years ago. The project’s objective was to add spaces and services to the building while improving wayfinding throughout. The 34,000-square-foot addition provides an ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPerkins + WillCAPACITY3,500COST PER SQ FT$116.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio entry and new front facade. The 150,000-square-foot remodel included the kitchen and dining areas, bookstore, ballroom and lounge spaces, and replacement of antiquated HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

A two-story daylighted concourse was added with spaces for student services including the information center, cafe, copy shop, hair salon, Multicultural Resource Center and lounges. The building serves university students all day with activities generated by spaces such as the cafe, pizza venue and movie theater.

The new University Center is active year-round with community and regional programs, services and events. Although the project did not include the resources to participate in the LEED certification program, the design team incorporated strategies and engaged in a LEED-spirited process.