St. Lawrence University, Johnson Hall of Science

Canton, New York

  • FIRM



    St. Lawrence University

  • AREA

    114,285 sq.ft.





St. Lawrence University is building the future of science education with its Phase I project of a four-phase plan. Johnson Hall of Science is a new facility for biology, chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience and psychology. All science education in Johnson Hall is experiential and researched-focused for students at all levels. Main program elements include laboratories ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMThe Croxton CollaborativeCAPACITY1,780COST PER SQ FT$273.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio teaching spaces, offices and support spaces.

The architectural presence and compatibility with existing campus buildings were the foremost determining factors in the selection of exterior building materials. Brick and stone are the two most prominent materials of the building. A campus standard Cushwa Georgian brick is used as the main material of the east and west elevations, along with portions of the north and south elevations. Synthetic stone masonry units of two different finishes were chosen to complement the natural stone expressed in other prominent campus buildings.

Sustainable-design strategies, such as orienting the building on a true north-south axis and separating the building into two connected wings, result in a maximum effort to harvest daylight into all prime program areas. Energy-conservation techniques, such as daylight dimming of light fixtures, were employed for all phases of the project.

St. Lawrence University’s Johnson Hall of Science was awarded LEED gold certification in 2008 for its commitment to sustainable design.