Virginia Western Community College, Webber Hall Addition and Renovations

Roanoke, Virginia

  • FIRM



    Virginia Western Community College

  • AREA

    47,843 sq.ft.





Virginia Western Community College’s (VWCC) vision to refocus its mission from predominately vocational education to information technology and engineering was advanced significantly with the addition and renovations to Webber Hall. The addition becomes VWCC’s bridge to the future, incorporating a dean’s office, demonstration computer laboratories, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,136COST PER SQ FT$99.91FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio learning and multimedia classrooms.

VWCC is bisected into north and south campuses by a busy street adjacent to Webber Hall. The hall’s main corridor and the adjoining pedestrian bridge are students’ primary link between these two campuses. The third-floor corridor has been expanded to become both a pedestrian boulevard connecting north and south campuses and a central gathering place.  Webber’s renovations also enhanced vertical circulation and improved campuswide handicapped accessibility significantly.

The addition’s modern architectural expression creates a high-tech image consistent with the college’s mission and relates to recent renovations. The skewed entry design responds to existing angular pedestrian plazas, extending these outdoor spaces and defining the main entrance. The stair tower’s visual transparency provides both an illustrative engineering lesson for students and an iconic beacon to the community.