University of Tulsa, Collins Hall Welcome Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The two-story Collins Hall Welcome Center is situated at the end of a new three-block-long campus green, which runs perpendicular to a major thoroughfare at the edge of the University of Tulsa.

The 39,103-square-foot building signals arrival at the TU campus, and becomes the new gateway for the campus with a three-story stone and glass entry tower. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$194.63FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio reinforces the Collegiate Gothic building style found on campus by using a rich Aslar stone mixed with stone trim and slate tile roofs.

The conditions of the facility were challenging because of a constrained site, so a one-story addition was placed on top of the existing facility.

Collins Hall features a 2,000-square-foot “living room” that serves as the lobby. It is designed for comfort, yet flexible enough for special events, along with adjacent patios that overlook the campus. The high windows, as well as various lighting elements throughout, allow it to be used for either day or evening gatherings.

Collins Hall houses the TU president’s administrative suite, alumni offices, development offices and the Heritage Room, which will display TU’s storied history and accomplishments prominently. In one location, it gathers many student-focused functions, including financial aid and admissions, to serve student needs better.