Grace College and Theological Seminary, Orthopaedic Capital Center

Winona Lake, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Design Collaborative


    Grace College & Theological Seminary

  • AREA

    63,287 sq.ft.





Grace College and Theological Seminary is a steadily growing private higher-education institution in Winona Lake, Ind. In response to recent growth, it needed a multipurpose facility so that its students could gather for chapel services, basketball and volleyball games. The Winona Lake/Warsaw business community, known for its focus on orthopaedics, needed a place to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,600COST PER SQ FT$149.16FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio conferences, trade shows and business meetings.

Grace College and Theological Seminary teamed with several community orthopaedic companies to fund and plan this unique facility. First, the design team remediated the site, which had been a dump for hazardous materials. The $9.4 million Orthopaedic Capital Center (OCC) was designed cost-effectively with a metal building core, accented by brick detailing and curved walls. The OCC features the latest in sports flooring, event seating, a movable stage and energy-efficient arena lighting.

The Grace OCC has enriched the Warsaw-area community. This athletic arena/event center provides 1,800 seats for athletic events; 2,600 seats for concerts and trade show events; and 650 seats for banquet events. The OCC also features three large meeting rooms and is home to the college’s athletic department.