Doane College, Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building

Crete, Nebraska

Doane College is a private liberal-arts college in Crete, Neb. The scenic 300-acre arboretum campus features a lake, winding paths and historic buildings.

The Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building is the newest addition to the campus. It serves as the home to the college’s nationally recognized education and art programs. A visitor center and admission ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$183.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio also are in the building. The primary challenges were to design a contemporary classroom building while respecting the historical integrity of the campus, and to provide an architectural interpretation of the curriculum offered within. Choices for the masonry palette were driven by adjacent historic buildings.

The main entrance facade features an arched portico, a classic historical detail repeated throughout campus. The main entrance facade from the art department’s previous home was removed, restored and integrated into the new building. The masonry patterns and textures are architectural expressions of the art curriculum. Inside the building, walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture were designed to mimic sculpture. A glass-enclosed student lounge helps to foster interaction, which is essential to the collegiate experience. It also serves as a “display case” for artwork and activity inside the building. A blown-glass chandelier represents the building’s status as the creative and intellectual heart of campus. A variety of environments were created to accommodate formal and informal instruction, multimedia presentations, and group and individual study.

VOC-free paints, linoleum flooring made from easily renewable natural materials, modular carpet derived from corn, and bamboo wall and floor coverings are just some of the environmentally friendly materials used in the building.

Collectively, the new building is designed to inspire teaching and learning in a collaborative environment.