Pitzer College, Residential Life

Claremont, California

  • FIRM

    Carrier Johnson


    Pitzer College

  • AREA

    103,235 sq.ft.





Pitzer College embraced the design of the Residential Life project because of its attention to the needs of the campus, students and, most notably, the Earth.

The goal of the four-building housing project was to reinvent the collegiate lifestyle. The design team responded with a self-contained community that blends living accommodations (single- ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY323COST PER SQ FT$223.68CITATIONPost-Secondary CitationFEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio double-room suites) with learning opportunities (classrooms and art studios). And with amenities such as thematic gardens, cozy meeting nooks, study rooms with expansive windows, faculty suites with exterior patios for informal classes, and community living rooms, students are more apt to stay on campus all four years.

Planning the new halls around an experiential courtyard combines the pursuit of ecological goals with the way students live, and its focus on the environment has earned the project a LEED gold rating. The contemporary architecture and interior design speak to— and help support— many sustainable-design techniques, including solar photovoltaic cells, a central plant with energy-efficient heating and cooling, Dutch doors, native plantings, a rainwater recycling system, overhangs and sun shades. 

“Environmentally sensitive; nice use of materials. Appropriate recognition of site and views. A holistic living/learning approach.”--2008 jury