Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center

West Fargo, North Dakota

  • FIRM

    YHR Partners, Ltd.


    West Fargo Public School District No. 6

  • AREA

    130,972 sq.ft.





Because West Fargo Schools had outgrown its existing high school building, and to help freshmen adjust to the high school environment, the school board and administrators decided to move 600 freshman students from the high school and place them in a separate building.

The site has separate bus and parent dropoff areas to ease congestion and increase student ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$111.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio before and after school. The two separate entries, both visible from the administration area, are connected to a commons area that collects students into one easily monitored area. Visitor entry is controlled electronically; visitors must pass through the office to enter the building.

The academic pods are organized into four houses of five classrooms each, with common elective classrooms occupying the center of the building.

The building is designed in two parts: the public/community-use spaces and classroom media spaces, which can be separated by locked doors to allow the community to use the commons and gym area after hours. The building infrastructure is designed for expansion into a second high school.